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    May 5th 2014 Rallies at Mexican Consulates To Free U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi!
    Read About It!

    American Woman Falsely Arrested In Mexico

    UPDATE: 5-31-13: Yanira Maldonado has been freed. There will be no protests. Read the story.

    We may be organizing protests at Mexican Consulates again. Yanira Maldonado was arrested after authorities accused her of drug smuggling and alleged they found 12 pounds of marijuana under her bus seat. The family says she was setup so police could extort money from them. Even a Mexican state official told CNN it appears that Maldonado was framed. Watch the video & read the news report. ~Jeff Rainforth

    Welcome Home, Jon Hammar!

    We'd like to welcome Marine Jon Hammar home from his four month ordeal in one of Mexico's worst prisons. We wish you a speedy recovery, and a very Merry Christmas with your family.

    Thank you to the thousands on Twitter and Facebook who helped spread the word about the protests at Mexican consulates in the U.S. Thanks to former Marine, Ron Givens, and political activist Jeff Rainforth for organizing the movement and the protests.

    Over the next few weeks we will be discussing how to use the movement to help other Americans unlawfully detained in Mexican prisons.

    We will also use this site to show how citizens at the grassroots level came together to demand action for this injustice. Check our Facebook pages where it all started: Sacramento Protests, and the National Coordination Page.

    Organizer Ron Givens can be reached on Twitter here, and Jeff Rainforth here.

    Read the story about Jon Hammar's release here.

    Merry Christmas to all, and thank you to those who helped and volunteered to free Jon Hammar!

    January 7th Protests to Free Jon Hammar!

    On January 7th, 2013, we will be holding protests at Mexican Consulates in the U.S. to pressure Mexico into freeing falsely imprisoned U.S. Marine Jon Hammar.

    We are coordinating the protests on our Facebook Page at Jon Hammar Protests

    The protest at the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento is where it started. Over 100 Sacramentans signed up to demand freedom for Marine Jon Hammar: See our Page at:
    Sacramento Protests

    This site is under construction. If you would like to set up a protest in your area, or help with coordination/web development, please contact Jeff Rainforth or Marine Ron Givens via the Facebook pages listed above.

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