The Protests
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Sacramento Protest

The Protests

How we used Social Networking sites to get the "Free Jon Hammar" movement started.

The original post on Facebook that called for protests at the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento. Notice the names that were tagged.
Those are people who are in political leadership positions in CA., and also political campaign managers.

Who responded. This was important. This is how the movement went beyond just a Facebook post, and became national.

People taking action. Political leader and former Marine Ron Givens makes it happen.

The result was the Sacramento page on Facebook. In two days, almost 150 people had signed up to protest at the Mexican Consulate.

The Importance of Twitter: We started promoting the protests on Twitter almost immediately. You can see the results. Each "ReTweet" means thousands more see a post.

This is basically how the "Free Jon Hammar" protest movement got started - through social networking sites. Something to note for political activists. Using social networking sites can be very powerful and effective if you have built a good "network" of activists and political leaders. We'll update this page a bit more, later. We just wanted to give an example on why social networking is so important, and to show how effective it is in political situations.

Organizers Ron Givens and Jeff Rainforth are on Twitter at Ron Givens, and Jeff Rainforth.

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